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What good are step cousins if you can`t bang them when you`re horny? Thata€™s a question Alyssa Hart never has to ponder because she gets to fuck her hornier cousin in this insanely hot new video. The petite nubile hottie feels like getting a weenie packed into her wet orifices and since her parents are away and shea€™s home alone with a male cousin. Alyssa Hart Banged By Her Step Cousin Mr. Nelson has got to be the luckiest step dad ever because his horny teens Expect Harper and Alyssa Hart decide to blow out his b-day candles for him by tag teaming his log-like cock and fucking him silly. Mr. Nelson obliges and fucks the two tight teens and impales their pussies until he unloads his steamy white semen via both of their pretty teenage faces. 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