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Age: 21; Born: October 23; Ht: 5`3`; Wt: 95 pounds; Bras: 36A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: No; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Sometimes; Lives: Tampa, Florida.

When Riley called us up and asked if we would consider shooting her for our magazine, we thought she sounded like fun. When she walked into our studio, we knew our initial hunch was correct. `I enjoy to soiree and meet new people,` she told us. `Back in high school, I was the easy cheerleader who dated all the jocks. I`m always looking for a good time!

`Up until a month ago, I was working at an outdoor tiki hut bar, `Riley informed us. `It was a plenty of of fun, but I wasn`t making too much money. That`s one of the reasons why I decided to give porno a shot. I`m going to buy a car with your check! I got to cum a bunch and I`m leaving with a ride.

`I`ve always been a sexual person. It`s hilarious because even though I dress innocent, I`m into some raunchy shit. My biggest sexual desire is getting gangbanged by a whole team of baseball players. They`ll take turns packing all of my holes with their cocks and their baseball bats! Then, after I`ve cum and squirted all over the place, they`ll circle me and paint my face with their jizz.

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For over 10 years, Naughty Neighbors has presented the girls we see every day when we’re driving on the streets of any town. Girls from all over--all first timers. Girlfriends, housewives, fiancees and female fuck buddies, posing naked and nasty. A waitress loves having sex in outdoors... An office clerical worker poses in her boyfriend's kitchen... A college student in a motel room spreads her cunt for a huge dildo... The variety of women in Naughty Neighbors will blow members out of their chairs!

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