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Teens these days, with their cellphones and their texting and their apps. They need a lesson from the old school, especially Kasey, who is 18 and full of sass. She eggs on her schoolteacher to show her how kids were kept in line in his day. He obliges her, spanking her cotton-pantied bottom. But that`s not enough to get the naughty out of a girl like her. They both know he shouldn`t bother. Kasey is much better as a bad girl, like when she starts sucking his big cock and munching his balls. Be a supreme girl? She`d rather slide her pussy up and down her teacher`s shaft. She`d rather bend over and get pounded from behind. And just like a supreme little bad girl, she`d rather get her face completely covered in cum.

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Young, hot and dripping wet teens. Sweet amateurs spread their vise-tight pussies for your meat. They are always willing, able and ready to fuck their brains out. They are the students, shop girls, fast food servers at the drive throughs and the cashiers at the neighborhood movie theater. Photos of them that guys never dreamed existed. Here, they act out their little slut-girl fantasies.

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